Client Testimonial



Since our son was born in 1989 with Cerebral palsy we have intermittently had dealings with many different therapists, and whilst they have all been friendly. we have always felt isolated, and left to our own devices.

It was therefore with some misgivings that we allowed Occupational therapy into our lives again. After careful consideration the therapist Liz Taylor was recommended to us, and we accepted the recommendation, but to be honest expected nothing more than a friendly but basically disinterested person.

But to our surprise Liz Taylor has proven to be exception to the rule. As you would expect she was immediately very friendly,’ but more importantly to us non judgmental. she spent time with both ourselves and our son, to not only understand my son as a client,but also to get to know us as human beings.

One side effect of our sons Cerebral Palsy is that he is not comfortable meeting new people or in dealing with new situations, and it is therefore great testament to Liz Taylor’s skill, that over the last year she has overcome this barrier, to the point where he has accepted her into his life.

I could simply say that she has been excellent, but whilst this is a fact, I believe it would be more important to give you an example of this excellence.

Our son has been wanting to cook for a number of years, but due to his memory issues, and panic attacks, cooking with the Hob was always a step too far, when this problem was pointed out to Liz ,she was undaunted, and she has now spent months overcoming this problem, she has  designed  bespoke prompt sheets to aide his memory issues, and has carefully and professionally increased our sons confidence in  using the hob.

I know on reading this you may think, it is only a small thing, but to us watching are son cook is monumental, and for the first time in 27 years we are hopeful for our sons future.

So in conclusion if you are looking for an OT who is punctual. likeable and caring , and  is willing  to go the extra mile,then I can not recommend Liz Taylor enough, but if you just want a smiling face and being talked down to, do not use Liz Taylor,. as the one thing she isn’t is condescending.

Kind regards

Ted ,Lesley and Jonathan Q

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